Sage & Santo Energy Cleansing Bundle

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Sage & Santo Energy Cleansing Bundle

Premium California White Sage. The best known and most popular of all the smudging herbs white sage is used for spiritual cleansing and protection. In addition to its spiritual purification properties it is also believed by many to assist in attracting both prosperity and wisdom. Each smudge stick is approximately 4 inches long.

Palo Santo means "Holy Wood" and is used in cleansing and purifying rituals in much the same way as White Sage Smudge. Its purpose is to purify and cleanse, to get rid of evil spirits and influences and it's smoke is believed by many to have healing and therapeutic powers. Each stick is about 4 inches long and half an inch wide - varies as this is a natural product.

Take one stick and light it with a candle, match or lighter. Allow the White Sage Wand or Palo Santo Stick to burn for 30 seconds to a minute, then carefully blow it out. Move around the space in which you wish to clear the energy - be it your bedroom, office, car or your entire home - allowing the smoke to waft around each area.

These items are handmade so please expect some variance in color, type of string, size, etc.